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Grand Prize Winner:
Heaven or Hollywood - Rick Jude

A special thanks to ours sponsors!

1.Wasted On The Young - Kelly McGuire
2.I Ain't Getting Up - Lealean Peace
& Matt Barber
3.If Your Heart's Not In It - Holly Watson & Bobby Pounds
Finalists: Splitsville - T. Douglas Bush
Heartbreak Row - Tracey Naples & Jan Fairchild
Ready For Goodbye - John Condrone
Giving It Up - Steve Brooks

1.Splendid - Matson Belle
2.Your Body Over Mine - Karen Jacobsen
3.Put You Down - Rosanna Hill
Finalists: The Woman You Never See - Charles Moster & Matt Wood
Baby Needs Rhythm - Michelle Sowa Moore
Nothing Secret - Judy Fleming
Kiss Me Now - Sapphire Bell

1.Heaven or Hollywood - Rick Jude
2.Starts To Stop - Timothy Gangwer
3.60's Girls - Craig Davis
Finalists: First She Lights Me Up - Steve Cordova
Circles - Eddie Appnel
White Trash - Athala King
Set Me Down - Brent A. Johnston

1.Constantly Studying You - Marilyn Rucker
2.Little Bit of Something - Steve Cordova
3.I Cried For Momma - Kelly McGuire
Finalists: As Well As I Can See You - Aaron Smith
Will I Ever Love That Way Again? - Steve Brooks
A Way of Life - Jeff Hunter
One of These Days - Brent Adair

1.No Valentine - Sharon Bousquet
2.Excited - Athala King
3.Something I Said - Nick Masullo
Finalists: Mahogany - Harold Keith Taylor
Dead or Alive - Jenny Hollub & David Love
Rose Colored Glasses - Paul Shea
Long Life Assured - Covita Moroney

1.Farewell, Pennsylvania - Michael R. J. Roth
2.Santa Fe - Michael R. J. Roth
3.Secret Clowns Waltz - Ross Blake Whitmire
Finalists: One of these finalists will be the second place winner
A Catchy Tune - Kennan Zishka
Lost In A Bottle - Kathy Davidson
Sarita - Ross Blake Whitmire
Faded Beauty - Michael R. J. Roth

1.The Finger of God - Lealean Peace
2.Jesus, You're My Everything - John Condrone
3.Worthy - Daniel Perry
Finalists: Threshold (Of Hope) - Judy Fleming
Temple - Sharon Bousquet
Faith Is The Light - Stephen DeAcutis & Karen Jacobsen
Morning In The Promised Land - Michael R. J. Roth

1.Close Your Eyes - Kathy Street & Tommy Byrd
2.The Story of Burke & Hare - Willie McCulloch
3.Goodnight Lullabye - Willie McCulloch
Finalists: Do the Macaroona! - Sally Morgan
Dinosaur Retreat - Sally Morgan
Monsters - Ross Blake Whitmire
I Love Your Smell - Marilyn Rucker

Congratulations to everyone who entered and a
special thanks to our sponsors who made this contest a great success!!




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